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Casey Strand long time coach and friend of the Rebels

Dr. Casey Strand


For those returning and those who are new to the Rebels as you know every year the student athlete participating in the Rebels must have a physical. For the last few years the Rebels have teamed up with Dr. Casey Strand to provide physicals at a minimal fee.

Dr. Strand does have a local office on Contra Costa Blvd. that anyone can call and setup an appointment for at his office. Starting today and until July 27th he will have the necessary physical card need by the NEYFCA at his office. You will not need to provide one to him.

Call ahead, schedule your appointment this is an option for those who may not have medical coverage, their co-pay may be higher or any other reason.

It is very convient for those who are looking for another option.

The cost is $30.00 per student athlete

Office telephone:  925-680-0640
Address: 620 Contra Costa Blvd. Suite #203
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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